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Micah in the living room with the sippy cup

Usually, there’s a group of people calling out who did what in which room with what weapon…and usually the person that did what they did in the room in which they did it with their weapon of choice didn’t have a witness…which is why we’re attracted to the game of clue, we get to follow the clues and in turn we get to solve the crime…on this night however, there was no crime of epic proportions (nobody died, but you should’ve seen the blood), there was however a culprit and of course a victim, but there was also a witness…which leaves all you readers clueless, unlucky for you, you can’t even sit in grand anticipation waiting to see if what you think happened really did happen…or maybe you can…although you’ve already been given the culprit, the room and the weapon.  If you’re smart enough you’ve figured out who the witness is…which really only leaves one thing (and maybe a couple of associated items)…the victim and the injuries they incurred (which sadly enough there was no time for defense mechanisms to be put into place or utilized)… Continue reading