How to put a smile on my face

So I walk into work this morning, my last day of work and my desk should’ve been empty as I took the time to clean it out last night.  But it wasn’t empty, there were roses at my desk waiting for me.  3 apricot colored roses.  That put the biggest smile on my face.

Everybody was like ‘oooooh, Court got roses.  She has a secret admirer. Who is it?’  Well no, it’s not a secret admirer, it’s a friend (because I’ve told him that he’s just a friend because I’m not attracted to him in any other way other than a friendish kindof way).  But he did earn points.  Because any boy that takes the time to get a girl roses is going to earn points.  Because roses put a smile on most girls faces.  But even better than that is that they weren’t red roses, they were apricot roses, and I don’t like red and apricot is pretty darn close to the yellow roses that are my favorite.