Make a Cruise travelogue in 2013

The internet age in which we live is full of many wonders, some of which are still unfolding. That the World is a smaller place due to the web we all know and many billions of pages are now at the global public’s disposal to pass on information on just about any subject you can imagine.
People can now not only decide where, how and when they want to cruise, as well as arrange all their entire cruise 2013 itinerary online, they can also record, share and save for posterity all the details of their cruise online.

It is a well know fact that people who go off on a cruise want to share their experiences as much as possible with their loved ones at home, as well as having a record of the good times that they had to save for posterity. At one time, and not so long ago, they only equipment that they hade at their disposal was a simple camera, and some film. The film invariably ran out at the wrong moment. As soon as the camera was reloaded, the elephant that they were trying to photograph had become bored with waiting and gone off for lunch somewhere. And how many people do you know that returned from a long cruise with bundles of films waiting to be developed ( at considerable cost) only to discover that they had been exposed or the camera was defective and the images captured of a dream cruise were gone forever. Movies were even more difficult, going back to the problematic 8mm movie cameras complete with the projector that wouldn’t open up to the video camera with the films that could only be displayed on a DVD recorder. This was progress but only an indication of what was to come!

Nowadays we are the beginning, the middle or the end of the digital age. Nobody knows for sure, but they are exciting times. Thanks to the wonders of digital technology you can photograph and even film these magic cruise moments from the same digital camera. These digital images can be transferred from the camera to increasingly minute memory cards that are capable of holding more and units of digital information. These cards are small enough to hold up to 3000 high definition photographs or up to 40 minutes of digital video. If the travellers are well enough organized, and have a light weight lap top computer with them, they can even transmit these images back home in real time through chat rooms or e-mail.

In the last year or so, largely due to the accessibility to digital technology, travelogues have become more and more popular as well as being increasingly sophisticated as well as user friendly. A travelogue is as it sounds: an online digital daily or weekly log of a journey or a cruise. This journal can be for the traveler’s use only or can be a way of sharing and updating family or friends back home on the good times being had. A travelogue doesn’t need to contain photographs or shore movies, it can also be a written log or dairy detailing the day’s experiences and future plans. There are now a number of online web options that will allow a serialized compilation of the history of your cruise, sightseeing tour or trek through the jungle as it happens.