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This past year, I was real fortunate when it came to travelling out of the LONDON. In the 20 years that I have lived in LONDON, up until last year, I had maybe only gone on holiday 7-10 times. That may seem like a lot to some people, but to me it was nothing, to me that’s 4-5 trips to see the biological father in Spain, one trip to USA, and 2 trips to Belfast. That’s not a whole lot of travelling. But last year, with me graduating and all, I discovered that I would love to be in a job where I was on the road once a month, out of the state, off somewhere else, the three skiing holidays I took last year just really made me realise, I’m not ready to be in one place, I want to be in all kinds of places. But beyond last year’s realisation, there’s this dream I’ve had since I was in high school, the dream of wanting to travel out of the UK. I want to see the the Alps in France, Passo Tonale in Italy, Bansko in Bulgaria, heck I even want to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I could sit here all day and tell you what I want to see in Italy (which pretty much amounts to all of it) I want to go to France, Switzerland, Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Norway, or any of the places here I want to go skiing where the snow falls and you can ski, I just want to go places.

Kind of like the way my friend Lisa goes skiing, she’s always going places, and she usually tells us where she’s going when she’s going places. She’s not budging this time though. As disappointing as it was to not know where she’s going for her next ski holiday, she’s provided a little fun, she’s given us clues, and we get to determine for ourselves, where she’s going.

So here is what I have sourced for Skiing

It’s a ski holiday contest, so if you’re not involved already, get excited, there are prizes to be won:

  • 1st Prize – a £50 ski pass, and a souvenir from her skiing holiday!
  • 2nd Prize – a £25 Card, and a souvenir from her skiing holiday!
  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th Prize – a souvenir from her skiing holiday!

Of course, there are also rules, *rolls eyes* I know, rules, but there has to be rules, that way it’s fair, so read closely:

Check for a new clue (or a link to a clue) to be posted on their Facebook page daily. When you think you know where she’s going, just shoot her a DM with your guess!

Subject Line: Where In The World Is Lisa skiing?

They’ll compile the correct guesses and do a random drawing (after her return) to select the winners.

The clues given each day will get progressively easier, so by the end of the contest, the answer will be obvious if you’ve played along!

If you’ve guessed already, and then decide to guess again, you’re more than welcome to – but only CORRECT guesses get you an entry!

Your correct answer, sent to Lisa by DM, gives you ONE entry into the drawing for a prize.

If you’d like to share about the contest, and link back to the competition, you will get 10 entries – no correct answer needed! That means you can earn up to 11 entries if you figure out where she’s going and share on Facebook about the contest.

Ok, now that the formalities are out of the way, guess what…I HAVE A CLUE! *Does a little dance* Ok, sorry, I’m overly excited about this clue (I know, I need to get out more often)…so, have you figured out where she’s going yet? Are you shaking your head “NO”? Well then, let me help:

Clue #8: This capital city that Lisa is travelling on a skiing trip to is a small city with a big city feeling to it and plenty of snow

Now make a guess, after 7 other clues and with this one, you should be able to get it, if not, there’s two more clues so keep an eye out for those on Simple Kind Of Life.