Travelling Thoughts For The Inquisitive Traveller

What are your memories and thoughts about the last time you travelled? This blog will be for those people wanting guidance and advice from a professional traveller. Common questions I hear are, “where is the best place to go on holiday to”, or “what is the best hotel to stay in”. I will attempt to answer all these questions one at a time, also I will put some great guides for you to admire also.

The most common question at the moment is if all inclusive holidays are the best value to holiday. I can tell you now, in the opinion of this writer all inclusive holidays are great value for money. You need to look at what each hotel include in their price. All inclusive ideally should mean that everything is included in the price, from breakfast to dinner including all your drinks for a minimum of 12 hours. You have to be careful of these 12 hours since some hotels have begun offering all inclusive for the 12 hours, but begin at 6am, so just check little details like this first. Everyone budget will be the self catering, but very often this can lack all input from the hotel. This will be covered in detail later in this blog, so you don’t miss out on these little bits of advice keep our travelling thoughts and advice close to you for better results. For you part, most of the posts will have comments open in order for you to make further suggestions and possibly give others some valuable advice.